Golden Empire Transit Bus Advertisement Tracking

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Golden Empire Transit Bus Advertisement Tracking

Our partnership with GET initiated with an exploration of their current operational practices related to bus advertisement and contract tracking. This exploration wasn’t just a surface-level overview; we delved deep, understanding the intricacies of GET’s processes, the potential bottlenecks, and areas where efficiency could be enhanced. By thoroughly mapping out the present operational state, we grasped the nuances and challenges GET faced daily.

Armed with this knowledge, our team took the next crucial step: devising future state recommendations. These weren’t merely generic solutions; they were tailored proposals crafted specifically to align with GET’s goals and operational needs. Our focus was on digital transformation, which promised efficiency, accessibility, and scalability.

The centralized cloud-based Document Repository within Laserfiche was a primary recommendation. Transitioning from traditional shared drive configurations, this centralized repository aimed to modernize GET’s advertisement-related processes. By ensuring seamless remote access and efficient sorting capabilities, we paved the way for enhanced report generation and data tracking.

Moreover, to address the intricacies of the contract creation process, we suggested the development of an electronic form system within Laserfiche. This system would not only simplify contract creation but also ensure accuracy and transparency through every stage. We also conceptualized a dynamic bus advertisement inventory system integrated within Laserfiche, providing real-time updates, efficient data entry, and seamless document lifecycle management.

In addressing the financial components, we emphasized the power of automation. By modernizing both the invoice generation for GET’s advertising clientele and the accounts payable procedures, we ensured precision and efficiency. This transformation led to the consistent creation of accurate electronic invoices and an enhanced accounts payable system that underscored the importance of punctuality and accuracy in payments.

All these implemented changes and recommendations were interconnected, each building upon the other. They were rooted in our initial analysis and aimed at a singular objective: to revolutionize the way GET managed its bus advertisements and contract management. The result was a transformed, efficient, and user-friendly system that reflected our commitment to excellence and innovation.