Top Aerial Drone Services

Aerial Drone Services for Digital Land Surveying and Mapping

Cornerstone Engineering has provided aerial drone services across all sectors we serve for over two years. We have five licensed drone pilots on staff that complete their missions utilizing our fleet of four drones. Our fleet consists of one fixed wing and three rotary drones that can execute projects of all sizes safely and efficiently.

Our skilled team can fly, process, and deliver the following solutions within days of completing their flights:

  • Topography surveys
  • Densified Point Clouds
  • Pipeline and Facility Mapping
  • As-built’s
  • Volumetric Calculations
  • Subsidence Monitoring
  • Thermal Imagery
  • Orthomosaic Photos
  • Digital Surface Models
  • Digital Terrain Models
  • Stockpile measurements

We can bring the data captured from our flights directly into our design software, which reduces the number of handovers and meetings required to produce deliverables. This capability has enabled us to optimize the lifecycle of our customers’ projects.

Due to the accuracy and quality of our drone data, we have also provided our customers with the following virtual solutions that have improved their projects, not only regarding efficiency, but EHS as well:

  • Job Walks
  • Facility and Operations Planning
  • Wellsite, Rig Site, Jobsite Planning and Design
  • Monitoring Construction Progress

Our Aerial Drones Capabilities:

  • 42 MP Sensor Yields High Resolution
  • FLIR – Thermal Imagery, Infrared Capabilities
  • High Precision Topographic Maps
  • Pipeline Mapping (3D, GIS) – AB1960 & AB1420
  • Facility Mapping and Planning
  • Point Cloud Data for 3D Applications (CADWorx, AVEVA, GIS, Google Maps, Etc.)
  • Safety Considerations
  • Remote Surveying
  • Reduced Personnel Exposure to Hazards
  • Minimized Environmental Impacts
  • Incident Surveillance & Documentation
  • Volumetric Measurement

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