Kern County Superintendent of Schools Digital Transformation Services

Location Kern County Client Kern County Superintendent of Schools Project Size Team Members Morgan Barnes - Project Manager
Voni Humphreys – Business Process and Quality Assurance Consultant
Alex Hamilton – Senior Software Develope

Kern County Superintendent of Schools Digital Transformation Services

Members of the Cornerstone team successfully partnered with Kern County Superintendent of Schools (KCSOS) to deliver comprehensive digital transformation services. The primary emphasis was on meticulously mapping the present state of over 90 business processes across the organization. Out of these, 20 critical processes were modernized within the Laserfiche platform, underlining our commitment to refining the digital infrastructure of KCSOS’s operations.

Our Sr. Business Process and Quality Assurance Consultant initiated each process by conducting in-depth stakeholder interviews to grasp the existing workflow intricacies, referred to as the ‘present state’. Following these discussions, they crafted precise process maps, ensuring they resonated with the stakeholders’ insights and received their unanimous approval. With a clear understanding of KCSOS’s pain points and bottlenecks, our Solutions Architect then stepped in, devising ‘future state’ recommendations tailored to address these challenges and streamline operations. Each recommendation was crafted with the goal of optimizing efficiency and eliminating procedural hurdles. Bringing these conceptual blueprints to fruition, our Solutions Engineer carefully translated them into modernized processes. Throughout this transformation, a consistent emphasis was placed on the user experience, ensuring that every newly implemented change was intuitive, user-friendly, and geared towards simplifying tasks for the KCSOS team.

Additionally, approximately 14 million pages were scanned, quality-checked, indexed, and uploaded. This massive digital archival effort not only made essential documents readily accessible to KCSOS employees from any internet-enabled device but also significantly increased the efficiency in searching for critical information, thereby streamlining workflows and saving valuable time.

Furthermore, the project management and coordination were instrumental in ensuring that both the scanning initiative and the process modernization project adhered to stipulated timelines and budgets. Utilizing sophisticated tools like executive scorecards, we were able to continuously monitor key KPIs. Additionally, the SmartSheet platform played a pivotal role in tracking vital milestones, facilitating real-time updates, and maintaining a transparent communication channel for all stakeholders, thus fortifying the project’s alignment with its overarching objectives.