Beyond Measure Web Development: SeedCore Foundation

Location Bakersfield, CA Client Beyond Measure Project Size Team Members Voni Humphreys - Project Manager Gallery

Beyond Measure Web Development: SeedCore Foundation

Members of the Cornerstone team successfully partnered with SeedCore Foundation, a local non-profit organization headquartered in Bakersfield, to engage in a custom web development project for their online donation platform website, Beyond Measure. This initiative was carried out for a private sector client and serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering top-tier web solutions tailored to unique organizational needs.

Our engagement commenced with a meticulous system evaluation, serving as the foundation of our approach. This exercise allowed us to identify areas for improvement and provided a solid foundation for strategic upgrades. We held a series of recurring on-site meetings with the client, confirming alignment of their specific needs and requirements. This commitment to a client-centric approach was pivotal throughout the project.

Building upon this foundation, our dedicated team executed feature enhancements and system upgrades, aligning the web application with the evolving objectives for our client. We provided detailed architecture diagrams, offering insight into both the current system architecture and the envisioned future state. This holistic perspective fostered informed decision-making and laid out a blueprint for the transformation of the website application.

A central component of our endeavor was a comprehensive re-write of the website application, which encompassed a complete overhaul of the underlying codebase. This approach not only bolstered the application’s performance but also ensured its long-term viability for SeedCore Foundation and their valuable donors. The success of this project underscores our dedication to driving innovation and achieving excellence in web solutions for our non-profit clients.

Through a meticulous process of evaluation, feature enhancements, system upgrades, and a comprehensive codebase rewrite, we successfully transformed the website to make the donation process more intuitive and user-friendly. This not only ensures a more streamlined journey for end-users, making their donations easier and more accessible but also simplifies the tasks of the administrators, allowing them to efficiently manage and oversee the system. The project’s achievements underscore our commitment to delivering solutions that are not only technologically robust but also genuinely user-centric, benefiting all stakeholders involved.