Civil Engineering and Design Industry

Civil Engineering and Design Industry

Civil Engineering & Design Drafter – Base maps, Arterial Road Design & Dust Control Plan, Earthwork Computations, Water & Hydrology Study, Site Utility Plan Review

Our Civil Engineering Capabilities:

  • Pipe Routing & Profiles
  • Oilfield Development Plans
  • DOT Transmission Lines
  • AB1960 & AB1420 Documentation & Compliance
  • Comprehensive Permitting & Planning
  • Infrastructure Plans
  • Development Plans
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Water/Sewer Pipelines
  • Domestic, Irrigation, and Reclaimed Water Systems
  • Wet Utilities
  • Storm Drainage Pipelines/Channels
  • Erosion Control
  • Hydrology Studies
  • Grading Plans & Permits
  • Pavement Design & Rehabilitation
  • Railroad Grade Crossings
  • Irrigation Reservoirs

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