Municipal Services

Over the last 15+ years, Cornerstone has expanded its a focus to addressing the needs of the Public Sector. We focus on understanding the policies and procedures of the agency, and duplicating those services. Our expertise regarding the needs of  Public Agencies, will result in the support needed to meet the demands of projects that will benefit the public in a cost efficient and timely manner.

Waste Water Plant Expertise

With a Grade 5 Waste Water Plant operations certification, Derrill Whitten is using his expertise in waste water in assisting cities in managing wastewater treatment upgrades and expansions, facility planning, sewer master plans, and RWQCB permitting. These are all areas where Cornerstone Engineering can assist your agency.

On-Call Services

Public agencies frequently need assistance with their work load when demand surges for services such as plan checking or field surveying.   Cornerstone has developed the staff expertise to enable city and county agencies to meet these demands on a timely basis by farming out these services to us.   We focus on understanding the policies and procedures of the agency, and duplicating those services.   We become an extension of the agency staff.

Additional Services

Cornerstone also has expanded its ability to provide Public Sector and Municipal Engineering of infrastructure engineering including:

  • Arterial Road Design
  • Storm Drain Facilities
  • Construction Surveys
  • Corridor Studies
  • Water Distribution Systems
  • Master Planning
  • Water Reclamation
  • Surveying Services
  • Right-Of-Way Engineering
  • Plan Check Services
  • Dams and Irrigation Networks

Transportation and Corridor Design

Cornerstone Engineering, Inc. engineers and technicians have a broad range of public works and private development experience from the design of highways to rural access roads and dozens of projects in-between.  Cornerstone has designed transportation improvements for various cities, counties and agencies.

Water and Sewer Design

Cornerstone Engineering, Inc. has planned and designed countless miles of water and sewer pipelines ranging from four inch (4”) to seventy-two inch (72”) diameter lines. Most of our site development plans include fire line, water and sewer systems. We have designed high-pressure water transmission mains and performed hydraulic transient analysis for water hammer control. Installation methods include jack and bore, micro tunneling and other trenchless technology methods.

Storm Water Design

We have designed a number of storm water systems that meet Best Management Practices, and have prepared many Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP’s). We are very familiar with the current storm water regulations and recent court decisions.

On-Call General Engineering

In addition, we have performed on-call engineering and surveying services for numerous agencies for over thirty-five years, including County of Kern, City of Bakersfield, Southern San Joaquin Municipal Utility District, Kern-Tulare Water District and the Kern Community College District. We have been assigned every conceivable project such as repair of wastewater facilities, landfill closure plans, rehabilitation and structural repairs to bridges, repair of dry docks, parking lots and oil-waste separators.

Parking Lots / ADA Retrofit

Cornerstone Engineering has designed many parking lots for cities and other agencies throughout Southern California. All of our school site designs and commercial sites typically include parking lots. We typically deal with such issues as ADA, lighting, landscaping, storm water quality, pedestrian and vehicle separation, and entry and exit issues.

Site Assessment Studies

Cornerstone Engineering has participated in and coordinated many site assessment studies for the location of emerging projects. Services include: utility studies, title studies, boundary and topographic surveys, coordination with Phase I and Phase II hazardous materials assessment specialist, drainage/flood studies, biology, archeology, seismic/geology, groundwater hydrology, and fiscal impact studies.

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